Monday, April 1, 2013

FOTL Event: "Antarctica" on 4/16


Presenter: Steve Goetz, OCC Professor Emeritus

When: Tuesday, April 16th at 7pm

Where: OCC Library

Donation: $5 or a gently used book; OCC students and FOTL members get in free

Come and listen to OCC Professor Emeritus Steve Goetz talk about his trip to Antarctica!

"I first read about Amundsen and Shackleton when I was in my early twenties and living in the Netherlands. Since then, I have wanted to visit Antarctica. This interest was rekindled hearing the stories of my colleagues and friends, Dennis Kelly and Mike Olds, who both had been there, Dennis twice. I realized I wasn’t getting any younger or richer, so in November of 2011, I arranged a trip through Overseas Adventure Travel leaving in January of 2012. My wife Peggy, an adventurer at heart, agreed to go with me. Though traveling there took a full three days, one day by plane and two days by ship crossing the Drake Passage, this trip will remain one of the most breathtaking adventures we have ever had. Antarctica is a pristine wilderness the scale of which is almost inconceivable. The precautions we took before landing - vacuuming our clothing and disinfecting our boots - reminded me how cavalier we are about the ecology of our own more traveled world and the need to keep Antarctica protected and free of any country’s ownership."

All proceeds benefit the OCC Library. Books will be available for purchase by Lido Village Books. Extra credit vouchers will be available for students on request.