Thursday, September 4, 2014

FOTL Event: Heart of Africa

When: Tuesday, September 23 at 7pm
Where: Lido Island Clubhouse, 701 Via Lido Soud, Newport Beach
Admission: $5 or a gently used book for the general public; FREE for OCC students, FOTL members and members of the Lido Island Women’s Club

Nancy, recently elected president of FOTL, will describe her three-week expedition to Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo last September. World traveler and Orange Coast College retiree, Nancy Timmons, will present “Heart of Africa - Bonobos and Lowland Gorillas” at this year’s inaugural program for OCC Friends of the Library. “I visited two research camps that were studying the lowland gorilla and a sanctuary for bonobos,” which is an endangered great ape species found exclusively in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nancy said. “The camps are not on the tourist circuit and only receive about 200 visitors a year. They are in very remote locations and require plane flights, driving, boating, canoeing and hiking in forest and swamp to get to them.” Her exploits have taken Nancy to more than 37 countries, including nine in Africa. She visited the Congo with three friends, including one who lives in Africa for most of the year. 

For general information, call (714) 432-0202 x21058.  All proceeds benefit the OCC Friends of the Library.