Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Library Tip: Printing

Need to know how to print in the library? Follow these directions:

To print from the library lab computers, you must first log in. Next, pull up your document and select the print option. The print job is sent to a computer against the wall. To release the print job, put a blue print card in the box next to the print release computer. Then, select your print job from the computer screen. Your job is identifiable by your student ID number. After you follow the prompts, money will be deducted from your card and the job will print.

Print cards may be purchased from machines located in the computer lab and next to the photocopiers. A one dollar bill is required to purchase a card. Each card comes with a $.50 balance. The other $.50 is the cost of the card. Additional money can be added to the same card later.

If you have questions, please ask! Staff will be happy to assist you.